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What our clients say

Anthony Luliano

“Sticking to the plan, locking in gains, and raising stops to above breakeven so when the next pullback comes I will be sitting on gains ready for the next wave of buy opportunities. Thanks Mike for helping me refine my system!”

Hugo Reyna

“My trading now looks like I wanted..small losses or breakevens, and BIG gains! Before enrolling with MARA Wealth, it was the other way around. Thanks for all your help Mike!”

Books Mike has written and why

Michael Lamothe is an accomplished trading coach and author, having written two books which topped Amazon’s ‘Hot New Releases’ upon their debut. ‘The Trading Mindwheel: Eight Essential Skills for Trading Mastery’ and ‘The MARA Mindshift Guide: A Trading Beliefs Workbook’.

Mike never thought he’d write one, let alone two books. So why did he write them? Because they contain the lessons he wished someone would have taught him early on and he wants to save you time.

If you like William O’Neil or Mark Minervini’s work (heck, Mark wrote the foreword to The Trading Mindwheel), then you’ll love these books. What makes them unique is that they’re told as a story. Giving you the insights and mindsets needed for trading success, rather than just ‘talking at you’ like many other dry texts tend to do.

How I became a confident trader and left the 9-5 behind before age 40.

I wasn’t always a confident, consistently profitable trader. I actually started trading part-time more than 20 years ago and learned many lessons the hard way.

Stocks don’t always bounce back. I learned this lesson during the summer of 2002 after the dot com bubble burst, the market crashed, and many stocks were down more than 80%. 

With most of my account gone, I had to some serious thinking to do. 

Did I want to quit or keep trying? How much time was I willing to put into learning? With so many scams out there, who could I trust?

How hard could answering a few simple questions like this be?

Spoiler alert – it’s hard!

I had all the common problems you see in beginner traders:

  • Scared of losing
  • Trading plans that didn’t think ahead
  • Letting losses get out of control
  • Trading way too big
  • Letting noise from social media cause FOMO
  • Nervous about making mistakes

I didn’t know where to start. I went searching for how to trade stocks part time. Nothing existed.

I discovered charts and it seemed like the holy grial. It seemed easy…too easy… 

Easy. Just sell when they ring the bell at the top, right?

So I decided to go all in and invested in my education. I went to conferences, courses, and seminars.

I practiced and trained.

I studied all the top traders. I learned their similarities and the nuances that lead to their individual successes.

I practiced and trained some more. I customized a style I could use on nights and weekends while still working full-time.

And just before my 39th birthday, I had built up enough money from my trading to leave the day job behind. I was finally able to move on to the next chapter of my life after being a nervous beginner afraid to click the buy/sell button a few years earlier.

I’ve been through the transformation from a nervous beginner to a confident trader.

And I want the same for you!

Trading is my passion, and I love coaching beginner and advanced traders alike.

I’ve been coaching since 2018 and have worked with hundreds of traders at all levels and alongside top professionals. I know what works!

If you’re serious about becoming a great trader,
I’ve got a system that can transform you.