Meet the MARA Team


MICHAEL LAMOTHE, Founder/CEO of MARA, Head Trading Coach

Mike’s trading journey began in the late 90s as a self-taught, part-time trader. Despite beginning during the ‘dot com’ era and one of the biggest bull markets in history, Mike learned the hard way that there’s a lot more to trading than putting money in and simply waiting for more to pop out. After failing miserably on his own for nearly a decade, Mike discovered William O’Neil, his book “How to Make Money in Stocks” and the Investor’s Business Daily Meetup in NYC. Learning from like-minded traders and professional money managers, Mike began taking trading more seriously, his confidence grew, and within a year he not only became profitable, he became a Co-Leader of the NYC Investor’s Business Daily Meetup.

Despite finding consistency, trading with a 9-5 job was still challenging and Mike often felt drained at the end of the day. He set out to develop systems and processes that could help him become more efficient. It was in this, that he learned, that efficiency isn’t just about tools, tactics, or strategies. Efficiency starts in the mind with clear focus and beliefs!

After selling his first venture, ChartYourTrade, he founded MARA Wealth in 2018 to help coach both new and experienced traders reach their goals. Clients goals have ranged from achieving consistent profitability to becoming world class and trading at a championship level.

Mike is the best-selling author of The MARA Mindshift Guide & through the years has coached thousands of traders from around the world. As host of The Trader’s Mindchat LIVE Show, he has interviewed some of the most high-profile traders in the industry today, including Mark Minervini, Jim Roppel, and Kevin Marder. He has been called one of the BEST Trading Mindset coaches in the US. He has been featured in Investor’s Business Daily, was a Stocktoberfest presenter, has been featured on NASDAQ Live, and was a Benzinga Global Fintech Award finalist in 2017.

“Michael Lamothe’s hard work and passion for trading in stocks have given him a very valued reward. He knows who he is as a trader, which is sometimes the most difficult lesson on the path to success.” – Curt Hostetter, co-organizer NYC IBD Meetup


Stu started out as a MARA Elite member. After graduating from the program, he joined the MARA team as a coach! Stu has 15 years of trading experience, his key trading influences have been Mark Minervini, William O’Neil, Jesse Stine, Mike Bellafiore, and of course Michael Lamothe who brought belief, calm, and a pinch of zen to the whole thing.

After working throughout Europe and Southeast Asia primarily in the offshore banking, finance, and risk management industries, he settled in beautiful Clyde Valley Scotland with his family. He started trading his own account seriously in 2006, at first on the London and European exchanges but then transitioned to the US markets when regulations changed. Stuart says, “My primary focus is on creating lifecycle systems and strategies to deal with the whole life of a trade from idea generation through execution, management, and post-trade analysis.”

“Stu’s very insightful. He’s great at making complex things simple to understand. If you feel like you’re good and want to be great, iron sharpens iron, and that’s why you want to be working with someone like Stu!” – Michael Lamothe, Founder of MARA

MELISSA KUCH LAMOTHE, Content Creator, Co-Host of The Trader’s Mindchat Show

Melissa Lamothe is the co-author of the bestselling trading beliefs workbook The MARA Mindshift Guide” & co-host of “The Trader’s Mindchat Show” with husband Michael Lamothe.  Melissa has 15+ years of marketing and writing experience and is the marketing director/content supervisor for Mara Wealth. She has been nominated as one of the Best Author’s on Long Island and was also the keynote speaker for 2019’s Genre Con and a panelist for the Ozark Book Con. Melissa is also a contributing author for The World Mom’s Network, and is a proud mom of 6-year-old daughter Lily. She currently resides in beautiful Long Island, NY with her family.

About Mara Wealth LLC

Mara Wealth is here to help inspire and guide you along your trading journey – from developing your own trading process, to managing mindset, to helping you rise to your A-Game. We CARE about Traders and offer individual and group coaching memberships as well as a range of tools and resources.

Mara is inspired from the word “Marathon.”

In trading it can feel like a mad rush to the finish line. And many people end up with their account dying before they complete their first mile. Hard earned money flushed down the toilet because they didn’t know that there’s a lot more to trading than clicking ‘buy’ and ‘sell’. Just like there’s a lot more to running a marathon than putting one foot in front of the other. It is mindset, training with a coach, a team, developing the inner strength and having the tools you need to get past the many walls you’ll hit in the race toward the finish line. And you will have multiple finish lines along your trading marathon, and MARA is here with you every step of the way.