Case Study – Chet Miller

What key features made you join the MARA Elite Program?

The ability to discuss information with other traders instead of just trading on my own.

Plus, the value you provide on Twitter and YouTube. This allowed me to get a taste of what you’re all about before signing up.

Why did you choose MARA’s Community over the other options?

I follow a number of people on social media. Much of what you post, whether you’re talking about mindset, risk management, or even general market analysis, I have found to be true. I have tried other membership services in the past and didn’t find them to much help in advancing. No other service gives as much individual attention to members as you do here.

What have you been able to achieve since joining our program?

I’ve developed a much more systematic approach to my trading and have become a lot more confident. I’m consistent in my execution, and I’m up about 100% on the year.

What has exceeded your expectations with this program?

The program is exactly what I expected it would be, excellent! What did surprise me though, is that since joining back in 2020, you’ve continued to upgrade the program significantly each year. I remember when it was just a Zoom call once a week. That was well worth the price of admission for me. Then you added a Private Community. Then you added weekly lessons. Then you added special “Ask Us Anything” Wednesdays. Then you brought on more coaches… And now you’re doing one on one quarterly reviews. I truly am amazed at the value here.

Do you have a story illustrating how valuable this has been for you?

The most valuable thing I learned almost right away was taking money off the table incrementally. Prior to joining the MARA Elite Program, I had been attempting to pyramid up and take money off at key points in the trend. Invariably I would end up with gap downs and round trips leaving me with less money than I started with because I was increasing risk instead of decreasing it.

What would you tell someone who’s considering purchasing this program?

You have to be willing to spend some money to get the right knowledge and you can’t do it alone. This program has not only helped me make a lot more money trading, it’s helped me manage risk better so that I keep it.

Bottom line, what has this program done for you?

The MARA Elite program helped me finally turn the corner in my trading. Before I joined I was a constant boom and buster. Since joining I’ve been able to make more money and actually keep it. I have not had to add any outside money into my account. And I’m up over 100% this year.

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