Trading Prep DEEP DIVE July 25, 2020



Chopped potatoes and a side of gravy! 😋

Yup! That’s what its feeling like to me.

Across indexes and timeframes, overall we’ve got sideways action across the board. Just take a look at the monthly, weekly, and daily charts of the indexes. The one that’s arguably in an uptrend & leading the way is NYSE right now…haven’t said that in a long time!

Despite the choppiness, the number of stocks making new highs actually increased while stocks making new lows are in the low single digits! Interesting action! Doesn’t quite have the feel of a market that’s getting ready to roll over despite some choppiness in both the indexes and in the portfolio.

Then looking at the setups this week, we actually have some strong contenders! I found 14 setups, about 10% of my ‘interesting ideas’ list…not a ton but a decent amount. What has me interested is that 4 scored 6.9 or higher!


ACTION LIST: 4 strong candidates popped out at me this week. With the chop that’s happening in the market and in my portfolio I still only want to risk 2% capital max next week. Therefore, I’m only going to put 0.5% capital risk on each of these ideas.

They include $CORT $GO $GSX and $SQ

Here are my notes on each: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LD4u028AEFZJ_nVji-EHzCUYb3x2XvDxOKTDHYAPLAo/edit?usp=sharing

Others that are close and worth keeping an eye on are: $AMRC $BABA $CRUS $DG $ETSY $NTES $ROKU and $ZM

Notable earnings coming up (looking for gaps and potential day trades) include $AAPL $AAON $AMD $DXCM $PINS $PYPL and $SHOP ​


SQ Eval 07-25-2020.pdf

GSX Eval 07-25-2020.pdf

GO Eval 07-25-2020.pdf

CORT Eval 07-25-2020.pdf