Essential Gardening Tips for the Modern Day Investor

How to grow your perfect mindset garden through resilience and relationships

Our Mara Elite VIP Member: Patrick Miller dramatically improved his mindset. By doing this – he not only cleared the metaphorical weeds from his mind, but to his actual garden in his new house from trading wisely.  Here’s how he did it. 

In the summer of 2010 my wife and I were afforded an opportunity to buy and move in to a quaint little farmhouse nestled among four acres located on beautiful Bainbridge Island, Washington. It had been a bit of a journey for us considering the nation was just emerging from the subprime mortgage meltdown of which we unfortunately got caught up in. But that is a story for a different time and I’m happy to say we landed on our feet.

After moving in to this cute little home, it was time for me to get to work on the property being that it
was at one time, an actual working farm many years ago. The home itself is located in the southeastern quadrant of the property which allows for the cleared acreage to receive the most sunlight throughout the day. But gone were the days of livestock enclosures and furrowed rows of strawberry fields.

Everything on the open acreage was essentially covered in tall uncut grass, weeds and blackberries. The amount of overgrowth is hard to describe and I felt overwhelmed. I didn’t even know where to start. How was I ever going to manage to clean all of this up so as to reveal what we had envisioned, as a beautiful open sunny space for family picnics, barbeques, campfires, and space for our kids and dog to run and play?

Fortunately, the very day we moved in, we met the kindest, most generous neighbors anyone could ever hope for. My new neighbor had gone out of his way to come over and introduce himself along with his family, and generously offered to help in any way needed to get us settled. Including the use of his tractor, complete with a front end bucket loader and a brush hog mower just like the ones I used to see back in my home state of Indiana. I was given free reign of its use and simply rolled up my sleeves and got to work. There was no other way to get this done.

Over the course of many days, blood, sweat and tears, the beauty of the landscape began to reveal itself. I found large boulders, rolls of barbed wire, fence posts, piles of rotten wood and debris left forsaken over the years. The task was daunting but despite the pain, exertion and discomfort, the rewards for this effort came to fruition.

With everything cleaned up we could finally see the beautiful open space we had envisioned. The property was now clearly defined at the boundaries by the existing tree line, grasses, shrubs, black berries and what appeared to be an overabundance of large green bushes with incredibly bright yellow flowers. How lovely we thought given the bright cheery yellow flower the bush produced.

But what seemed like a lovely flowering plant soon became known to us as Scotch Broom, a plant native to western and central Europe which outside of its native range, it is considered an “ecologically destructive colonizing invasive species.” Scotch Broom or Broom as it were, was introduced to Western North America back in the 1800s. Used originally as sheep fodder and later used to control soil erosion along pacific coast highways due to its deep root structure, Scotch Broom is now classified as a noxious invasive species, and getting rid of it is very difficult.

I didn’t give it all that much thought initially considering my lack of knowledge about the plant but a neighbor had warned me about how long the seed life of the plant can last, decades in fact, and how quickly the plant spreads. By the end of the first summer bloom, new Scotch Broom plants had completely invaded the back third of the property which I had worked so hard to clear. With almost no warning our property was overrun with the invasive plant. Despite my intense efforts to cut down the larger shrubs, it was too late. The seeds had all spread throughout the perimeter of the northern section of the property. The new plants quickly took over and began to choke out the grass and open area we wanted to use for our enjoyment.

I tried to look the other way, ignoring the problem but that was futile. I hoped the lawn mower would do the trick but to no avail, the hardy plant simply continued to grow and it’s incredibly deep root, which is roughly three times as long as the plant itself, anchored further in to the soil. I tried summer after summer to painstakingly dig up the defiant small shrubs. Just a few per day I thought to myself and eventually I’ll win this battle. My wife thought I was nuts and maybe I was! But I was determined to reclaim the space I had worked so hard for.

I finally realized there was no way I could win this battle alone and hired a team of very hard working gardeners who over the course of several weeks patrolled the invaded landscape in formation. Step by step, one square foot at a time the team worked tirelessly in the hot summer sun to eradicate the unwanted weeds. I was astounded at the sheer number of plants that were so painstakingly dug up by their root.

Finally, after years of mental and physical battle with this incredibly resilient invasive weed the grounds here have now been returned to the beautiful landscape that was envisioned from the beginning. It was not an easy task and I finally realized, dealing with it head on was the only way to produce the desired result.

So what on earth does this story have to do with investing? I share the aforementioned story as a metaphor to address the first steps we all must take in order to hone the single most important skillset we as investors must master. I am referring to mastering the skill of mindset.

If you hang around here long enough and certainly if you have read The Trading Mindwheel, Eight Essential Skills for Trading Mastery written by Michael Lamonthe, you will quickly realize that mindset is at the epicenter, the central core from which all trading skills sets are developed.

As Michael so eloquently stated in his book regarding mindset, “we’re talking about our beliefs, belief systems, emotions and event habits.” To properly begin this journey toward trading and investing mastery, we all must look at our beliefs. Taking stock of our beliefs is a critical first step in order to establish proper mindset.

This process requires us to take a hard look at what our beliefs are and where they came from. A number of our beliefs may be good ones and should be retained and even nurtured further to continue to serve us well. And then again, a number of our beliefs may be negative and not serve us well. These negative beliefs, just like an unyielding invasive and unwanted weed in our yard or garden must be dealt with. Closing one’s eyes and repeating the mantra there’s no weeds, there’s no weeds, there’s no weeds will not work. Addressing them head on is the only solution. Many of these “weeds” come from our upbringing. They can be painful and very difficult to process. If left unchecked and not addressed one can spend a lifetime living in reaction to one’s past which is a tragedy in my opinion. This leads me to a very important point I want to share with you.

You deserve a weed free mindset! You are worth the effort, pain and discomfort it may take to weed your emotional and spiritual garden. But do it! Going through this uncomfortable process will bring change and personal growth that will serve you for a lifetime.

In reading the opening pages of Michael’s book I asked myself, mindset? Really? What does that have to do with trading and investing? But I now see so clearly that it has everything to do with it. There is no more important first step you can take. Proper mindset is the “axle” from which all additional needed skillsets can be attached on our Trading Mindwheel. And that is why it’s so important to balance and finely tune the axle.

In closing I’d like to thank you for the time you took to read this and I hope you found it meaningful. If you have decided to take complete control of your investing skillsets and financial success with Michael and his team, I can assure you that you have come to the right place. There’s nothing like it anywhere, trust me on that. It all starts with weeding the garden. It’s not easy and may even be painful but in doing so you are taking steps toward growth that reach far beyond successful investing.

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