How to Maximize Gains in a Choppy Market, with Rizwan Memon

Do you want to learn how to navigate choppy markets and various market cycles and lock in gains?

In today’s post of “The Trader’s Mindchat Show,”  Rizwan Memon, founder of Riz International.  discusses how to best navigate challenging stock trading market cycles.

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Rizwan Memon is the founder and president of Riz International. Rizwan started the firm with the goal of mentoring and teaching individuals how to trade, invest and grow their wealth in the financial markets. Prior to starting the firm, he spent the majority if his life operating multiple businesses from a very young age.  He also has firsthand experience working within the banking industry and has worked at one of the largest banks in the world as a Financial and Investment Advisor. He currently spends most of his time managing a 7-figure investment portfolio, his private investment fund and mentoring new traders.

Here are Top Ten Trading Highlights with Riz International founder, Rizwan Memon:

  1. You need to put time money and commitment to learn or else it’s gonna be a tough time. Would you go skydiving without knowing where the parachute was located?  No, that’s suicide.  You need an instructor and pass before doing a solo jump.
  2. Position sizing and diversification is key.
  3. You need to figure out what your sweet spot to risk is (10%, etc). Finding that balance and what you’re comfortable with takes tweaking and finding what’s best for you.
  4. If you’re going to model success, first you need to have the foundation!  Make sure you have the basics down.
  5. Learn from a person who is transparent. Just because have a nice car doesn’t mean they are someone to follow and learn from.  You need to take time to see if they are consistently transparent.
  6. In choppy market, you need to ask how are you going to respond. Cut positon size, trade less, more selective.  If see a good setup be even more cautious about entering.  May take a half or starter position.  As things stabilize, increase risk and take more.
  7. When the market is bleeding, NOT LOSING MONEY IS A WIN ITSELF.
  8. Wait be patient! Humans are conditioned to go into a job and do more, more and more.  In trading, sometimes less is more.  Know when to pull back.
  9. Selling Puts (Shorting Puts). Biggest edge with options.  Raptor method.  Biggest edge if done right with the right account size and risk management.
  10. You can get paid to wait. By selling puts or shorting puts, the more capital you have  then the more opportunities.  He has equity and now getting paid to wait.

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