How To Stop Trades From TURNING SOUR!

Ever notice that trades are kinda like milk? Hold any of them for too long and they turn sour?

If you’re like me, you’ve had this happen to you more than you’d like to admit.

Well, I’m glad to tell you that those days are over!

That’s right! There’s a few simple steps you can take right now to prevent trades from ever turning sour on you again!

Types Of Sour Trades

These are the 3 trades that leave the worst taste in your mouth. They’re so bad, I’ve given each of them a special name…

  1. Mediocre Employee: Does just enough to keep you holding on but goes nowhere.
  2. Indian Giver: Runs up quickly, giving you nice gains, and then comes in hard, taking them all back.
  3. Half Breed: One minute it’s bullish, the next it’s bearish.

You’ve experienced all 3 of these before. Luckily, the solution to kicking them to the curb is simple.

There are 2 primary ways to kick these kind of trades to the curb when they show up in your portfolio. Trailing Stops and Back Stops.

This video gives you the step by step of how to use them.

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