Are you ready to start trading growth stocks with confidence?

Do you want to finally have a steadily rising equity curve?

Is this you?

Struggling to make someone else’s trading system work for you

Buying courses only to be left in the dark

Wondering how you can grow your account when you’re working full-time

I know how you feel…that used to be me!

I started back in 1999 and struggled for a decade before making any real progress. Often feeling like I was wandering aimlessly in the desert.

I’ll spare you the details. If you want them, they’re all in my book The Trading Mindwheel.

The real change happened for me when I started working with a group that knew what they were doing. We’d meet regularly. Exchange ideas. Processes. Details. We all shared a similar philosophy.

I was doing this all while working on what I thought was going to be a lifelong career in healthcare. 

It wasn’t easy. It took work. But I started stringing together profitable years.

Compounding began to work for me.

Then in 2018, just before my 39th birthday, I was able to “retire” and begin my new life…

Imagine accessing a group like this but on YOUR TIME.

Imagine not having to wait a month to meet with and ask people questions but being able to get responses in minutes!

Imagine not having to shell out extra money for trading lessons, but being able to access a complete video archive of classes, and unlike YouTube or other platforms, being able to have an honest conversation with knowledgeable people to drive the points home!

Finally, achieving a goal is great.

Persevering in the face of adversity with a never-say-die attitude is a quality that all successful people have. HOWEVER, you add years to your process when you “go it alone,” as I did.

These are years that you could have already been profitable. These are years that you and your loved ones could be enjoying life while already knowing that you are more than financially free. You are moving toward financial vitality.

The MARA Wealth Advantage.

What sets us apart from the competition? We train individuals in the eight essential skills required for trading mastery. Our approach is rooted in transparency, accessibility, and genuine care for your success. Here’s what makes us unique:

  • Comprehensive Training: We leave no stone unturned, equipping you with the knowledge you need to make informed trading decisions.
  • Mentorship and Support: Our team of experts is always just a message away, ready to address your concerns and help you grow.
  • Transparent Strategies: We believe in clarity. You’ll gain access to proven strategies and real-world insights that work.
  • Accessibility: Our program is designed to be accessible to traders of all levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals.

Here is what you get:

Live Group Coaching Calls

We meet regularly twice per week. We discuss markets, trades, and topical lessons ranging from risk management and trade analysis to how to deal with issues of fear, and consistency.

Private Community Access

Engage directly with Mike, our esteemed MARA Coaches, and fellow MARA Elite Program Members through our exclusive Discord Server. Get prompt answers to your questions, often within minutes..

MARA University

Access our exclusive video training library within MARA University for Elite Program members. This archive covers each of the Eight Essential Skills for Trading Mastery including mindset, journaling, analysis, risk, trade management, portfolio management, post-analysis, and Testing

Pro Tools

Access our Trading Journal, Position Size Calculator, The Trade Gauntlet ™ and more!

MARA Elite – Research ™

Included in your Premium membership is MARA Elite Research. This includes daily market updates. Mike’s full trading game plan includes exact entries, exits, targets, stops, position sizing, risk, rationale, and more!

90-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Not completely satisfied?

Didn’t get the result you were after?

Request a refund at any point during your first 90 days.

What people are saying.

You’ve helped me lock in gains and stop round tripping trades. Before this program, I’d get some wins, but I’d ride them up and right them right back down. You’ve helped me keep the profits in my pocket. Thank you!

– Anthony Iulliano

I appreciate the structure in this program. I had lacked structure due to limited time and trying to do too much. You’ve shown me that less really is more!

– Jim Lee

I actually feel pretty good and much less anxious during this down cycle… I have defenses in place. Reading the updates at night really helps me prepare for the next day.

– Arthur

One of the best things I’ve learned from observing the research and trading plans is learning how, when, and where to take partial profits. I’m having my best ever annual gains.

– Stuart

I really enjoy being with this group, getting all the feedback and everyone’s knowledge on what they see in stocks and how they handle their positions. It helps me learn more and grow.

Tish Hanewinkel

MARA Elite Premium

  • Live Group Coaching Calls
  • Private Community Access
  • MARA University
  • Pro Tools
  • MARA Elite – Research TM

Save $167 w/ Yearly subscription

90-Day Money Back Guarantee