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Have You Hit a Wall in Your Trading?

Do you feel stuck, frustrated, looking for another way? You want to make trading work so you can reach your goals and do the things you want to do. But you have been struggling in the market for too long and you don’t know why, and you don’t know who to trust.

You may be asking, “What the hell is wrong with me? I’ve been a winner in my career! Why can’t I get this? Why am I failing at trading?”

You are Not Alone!

We know how you’re feeling. We’ve been there too! We are professionals, like you (doctors, dentists, pharmacists, lawyers, managers, and executives from Fortune 500 companies). We became experts in our given fields, but when it came to trading…Trading was HARD.

We learned there’s no shortcut to trading, just like there’s no crash course to getting a medical degree.

There is a formula to success…

The Answer is MARA!

Now we’ve got a clear-cut guide to learning the market from one of the Top US Trading Mindset Coaches, Michael Lamothe.

Mike “Gets Us”. He worked in healthcare for 20 years and was trading on the side. He quit his job at a top NYC hospital to trade full-time and did it with a young family. He started MARA Wealth to help other professionals, like us, live the life we deserve to live. To have time again to do the things we want to do. He teaches us to create our own customized trading process, tackles our beliefs and master mindset, and with a supportive global community to help build us up when we hit our trading walls. It’s a proven formula to elevate your health and well-being.

You can be successful in the Market! You deserve to have more time to spend with your loved ones and to do the things you WANT to do, and MARA can help you get there!

Trading is like running a marathon… 🏃‍♂️

Without proper training, working with a coach or team, you can be ill-prepared for the many walls you’ll face along the way. You can end up failing at mile one.

You Need Training, Coaching and Support

Like in a race, there are various checkpoints to assess where you are and where you are going. For the MARA Elite, you will Get all of the Following:



Learn the 8 Core Trading Skills needed to succeed



Watch as plans are laid out step by step in group coaching sessions. Observe, learn, ask questions and execute confidently.



Daily interaction with Mike and the MARA Team inside the Trader’s Mindchat Room.

With MARA Elite, you'll get coaching, proper training, and have a team on your side! You will have the MAP (Massive Action Plan) to reach your trading goals. If you're brand new to trading and follow our outline, you'll be proficient within 18 months.

It's Time to Act. Get on the path to Trading Success! 

Live Group Coaching

Gain confidence for the trading week ahead. Join us LIVE for 2 HRS of life-transforming trading prep each week. Understand 'Market Mood' and if it's time to buy, sell, hold, or sell short. Analyze trades. Find the best of the best. Develop trading plans for the week ahead. Get all of your questions answered.

  • These live sessions are recorded and archived in your Member Dashboard.


Get FREE access to MARA's global Stocktwits social platform, "The Trader's Mindchat" Room (Valued at $240)

  • Get daily assistance and Live trading updates from Mike. Get plans ahead of time. Share your own trades, trading plans, thoughts, and ideas. Get feedback. Learn and grow!
  • Join us for quarterly "virtual happy hours" to unwind, play trading games, win prizes and chat about trading.

Monthly Boot Camps

Get Up to Speed Fast with Boot Camps focusing on one of the 8 Core Trading Skills you need to succeed. You'll get that "small class" feel. Ask questions. Get answers. Achieve next-level growth!

Proprietary Trading Tools

⚔️ The Trade Gauntlet

Scrutinizes trades based on 97 fundamental and technical data points. You're left with a composite score that makes deciding 'which trade to take' as simple as 1, 2, 3.

🤔 The Trade Emotionator

Are you getting too aggressive or do you need to step it up? Our position size calculator does more than spit out numbers. It gives you insights into your emotions.

📝 MARA Trading Lists

We're completely transparent and play with an open hand. You'll get access to:

  • Universe List: filtered by fundamentals, there are 150 stocks that pass our strict trading criteria.
  • Swing Trade Focus List: stocks on the radar for swing trades
  • Day Trade Focus List: stocks on the radar for day trades
  • Action List: stocks we have working orders on
  • Open Positions: stocks we're currently in

🕵️The Trade Tracker

More than a trading log, its the 20 questions to verify you’re in the right mindset to trade, viewing the trade from all angles, and planning your next series of steps in the trade.


Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

We're serious about giving you every edge possible. When you join MARA Elite, we’ll set you up with our Certified Nutrition Coach, Beth Marconi. Mike considers her counsel to be one of the “Secret Weapons" to his own success! You'll get a free 30-minute coaching call with Beth that will help you uncover what it will take for you to get in the best health of your life and design a personalized road map to get you there. (This free bonus is valued at $200!)

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  • Monthly Trading Bootcamps! Targeted training to fit your needs.
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  • Community: FREE access to the Trader's Mindchat Room, MARA's premium room on Stocktwits: ($240 ANNUAL VALUE)
  • Proprietary Trading Tools like the Trade Gauntlet, Trade Emotionator, and Mike's Universe LIst... plus more!

*Bonus: FREE 30 min healthcare consultation with certified nutritionist Beth Marconi.

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Today, you get to choose a trading coach who has impacted thousands of traders globally, trained CEOs, doctors, part-time and full-time traders, and he wants to help YOU.

Michael Lamothe has been called one of the BEST Trading Mindset coaches in the US! He was an IBD NYC Meetup monthly presenter, has been featured on NASDAQ Live. He was both a Benzinga award finalist in 2017 and Stocktoberfest presenter.

Mike believes everyone is capable of trading successfully in the market. His method can work for you too!

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