Position Size Calculator

How Many Shares Should You Buy?


Way too aggressive! One false move and you’ll blow up your account!

Hmm, aggressive. A couple of trades like this are okay, but if it’s the norm, you’re in trouble.

Sweet spot. YES!  This is where you want most of your trades to be!

Conservative. Not bad!  You’ve lowered your risk.  Note,  your reward is lowered too.

Fearful. You’re not going to make much progress with such a small position.

Grow a pair!. Seriously…

Position sizing is crucial to your success in the market.  You’ve likely heard this before.  What you need to focus on is how your EMOTIONS influence your size! YOUR EMOTIONS are visible in every aspect of trading, whether it is charts, trade management, or position size. With the Trade Emotionator, your position size will always be in alignment with your mindset.