Reach Championship Level Trading, with Richard Moglen

Do you want to learn how to trade like a trading champion?  In order to raise the bar and reach that level of trading, it’s important to know the key character traits possessed by Investing Trading Champions!

On today’s episode of “The Trader’s Mindchat Show”, we interviewed special guest Richard Moglen who has interviewed some of the Top Traders in the world, including US Investing Champions Mark Minervini, Leif Soreide and Oliver Kell. He shares with the Top 10 key characteristics that Richard has observed is paramount to succeed in the stock market based on his interviews with several US Investing Champions.

Here are the TOP 10 Key Traits Possessed by US Investing Champions:

  1. It Takes Time to Master Your Craft:  All champions took years and time to master their craft.
  2. Nobody’s perfect:  Even the master traders still make mistakes but at that level they can rectify it quickly.
  3. They have an Optimism and Passion for Trading:  If you’re not passionate enough about trading you won’t be able to be in the market for the long haul.
  4. Dedication and study.  These champions take time to develop their own edges.
  5. Know how to Read the Charts Really Well: They take the time to learn from other top traders, and study powerful patterns.  They are very experienced technicians.
  6. Master Their Mindset:  They have weathered the downturn and know how their own feelings interplay into trading.
  7. Very disciplined:  They create a routine that helps set them up for success
  8. Put in the work, even on the weekends.  Very in tune with market conditions.
  9. Stay Focused on a Handful of Stocks:  The more you can narrow your focus on a small handful of setups, then you can focus on only those.
  10. Tune out the Noise:  Investing champions don’t get distracted by other things while they are trading.  For example, they aren’t checking Twitter while they are trading.  They are in the zone.

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