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MARA Elite – Research™

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Meet Johnny

Meet Johnny. He has a few years of trading experience under his belt. Had a steadily rising equity curve and was well on his way.

Now with a pregnant wife, his life was right on track.  With his winnings, they were able to get everything set up for his upcoming twins.  Life is good.  

After the twins came home, his schedule changed, his responsibilities and priorities changed, and his trading went off the rails.

Sure, he enjoyed being a father. It was the greatest blessing of his life. But with fatherhood (let alone a father of twins) comes a lot of responsibility. Responsibility none of us are really ready for. We roll with the punches.

As a new father, scheduling time to trade was not easy.  Lack of sleep, lack of time to analyze, lack of time to execute, and money was disappearing faster.

As Johnny’s priorities shifted away from his trading, his equity curve took a nosedive. 

He wanted to stay engaged in the markets, but his life has changed. He no longer had time to run screens, find great setups, make trading plans, develop sizing strategies, and analyze the market.

When he found MARA Elite – Research™, it supported his trading.

MARA Elite – Research™ is fully transparent. We share exactly what we do, how we do it, and why we do what we do. 

“Instead of just getting a list of stocks, I get a full report,” Johnny said. “Many of the trades are ones I would have picked myself, and some ideas were completely brand new.” 

“If I have questions on something on the report, I just email them!”

Without MARA Elite – Research™

Working late

Getting home late

Less time to yourself

Less control over your schedule.

Less sleep.

Fear of missing out on those hot trades

Fear of the market turning and finding out too late.

With MARA Elite – Research™

When you have consistent daily research that you can trust, you save time and headaches and can get back to doing what you enjoy best and what helps you turn a profit.

Financial Independence: Successful trading could lead to significant profits, providing you with financial independence and the ability to pursue your dreams and passions without financial constraints.

Reduced Stress: Since you won’t need to spend hours researching stocks and analyzing market trends, your stress levels will likely decrease. Trading with a well-informed strategy can instill confidence and reduce the anxiety associated with uncertainty.

Time Freedom: With less time dedicated to research, you’d have more free time to focus on other activities you enjoy, whether that’s spending time with family, traveling, or pursuing hobbies.

Improved Quality of Life: Achieving financial success in the stock market could improve overall quality of life. You may be able to afford better living conditions, healthcare, and education for yourself and your loved ones.

Opportunities for Giving: Financial success could open up opportunities for philanthropy and giving back to causes you care about, positively impacting the world.

Career Flexibility: If trading becomes a substantial income stream, you might be free to explore new career paths or pursue trading full-time.

Investment in Personal Growth: With the time you save on research, you could invest in personal development, learning new skills, and expanding your knowledge in other areas of interest.

Introducing MARA Elite – Research™

Daily Reports and Summaries

Quick summaries of what happened in US Stocks, how leading and growth stocks behaved, where they’re at now, if they’re showing signs of being bid up or sold off, and the path forward.

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Detailed Trading Plans

Trading plans are updated and sent out every evening, so you have plenty of time to read, digest, and execute. Plans include full details on entries, exits, targets, trade management plan, position sizing, and rationale.

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Hand Curated Watch Lists

Like to dig in yourself but don’t want the hassle of starting from scratch? Our curated watch lists are perfect for you. From Focus Lists that are ready for action, to “In the neighborhood” lists that are getting close, to Sector Leaders, we’ve got you covered.

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Historical Market Log

If you’re the type that likes to go back in time and see how markets were performing, weeks, months, or even years ago, then you’ll love our Market Mood Log. It tallies trend analysis of the major indexes across timeframes, distribution days, the number of stocks hitting new highs and new lows, plus more!

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What people say about us

I actually feel pretty good and much less anxious during this down cycle… I have defenses in place. Reading the updates at night really helps me prepare for the next day.

Arthur H.

I’ve tried a few different services over the years. The way Mike organizes everything and actually trades a select few stocks after his analysis is second to none. 

Anthony I.

One of the best things I’ve learned from observing the research and trading plans is learning how, when, and where to take partial profits. I’m having my best ever annual gains.

Stuart C.

Monthly Plan

$49 / month

Watch Lists

Fully Annotated Charts

Daily and Weekly Market Summaries

Full Trading Game Plan

Save $191 a year.


Yearly Plan

$397 / year

Watch Lists

Fully Annotated Charts

Daily and Weekly Market Summaries

Full Trading Game Plan

Save $191 a year.