Building a MINDSET of STEEL Course


Building a MINDSET of STEEL Course




Success in trading is more than just ‘buy low’ and ‘sell high.’ There’s a reason why the best traders, hedge funds, and prop firms have a long-standing focus on trading psychology. MINDSET MATTERS! This is a game where it’s not just you against everyone else, it’s you against yourself! Are you your own number one supporter or are you at odds with yourself? Are you nurturing your own development and self-growth? If you’re like the majority, a few simple mindset hacks will help you tremendously!

In this course, Michael Lamothe, Founder of MARA and Top US Trading Mindset Coach will teach you:

How to know if your environment is helping or hindering your trading success and what to do if it is holding you back.
The 3 Pillars of Trading Systems that are necessary for success.
How to custom tailor your position size to meet your goals
Plus a LOT More…