The Truth AND Facts About Cryptocurrency with Sam Chwarzynski (TMC Show)

Everyone’s talking about Crypto! But what really are the Truth and Facts about cryptocurrency and how much of your portfolio should be invested in it…such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or even the Dogecoin hype?

Mike and I recently interviewed Blockware Solutions co-founder Sam Chwarzynski to discuss cryptocurrency and how the perfect storm is brewing for Bitcoin.


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Sam Chwarzynski is the co-founder, CFO of Blockware Solutions. Managing Partner, Blockware Mining, LLC.  He has been 4+ years as a proprietary FX Trader Specializing in discretionary execution strategies during periods of abnormal volatility and event risk. https://www.blockwaresolutions.com/


Here are the Top Ten Crypto Highlights with Blockware Solutions Co-Founder Sam Chwarzynski:


  1. What is “Store Value?”  The term “Store Value” can best be defined as the digital gold analogy
  2. To shut down Bitcoin you’d have to shut down every mining rig around the world.
  3. Bitcoin is an Emerging Asset.  Bitcoin is volatile but an emerging asset.  It is both portable, has never been hacked.  You have access to your full account around the world. A global currency.  Why get debased by central bank printing when you can have something more portable?
  4. Mining Riggs decentralized. Bitcoin doomsday = government trying to shut them down.  However, there would be consequences for governments if they do outlaw this currency, and that is other countries will take advantage and get market share.  Example Venezuela tried to outlaw it, but then realized they were missing out on “taxes.”  You’d also be hindering innovation and technology of its own country.
  5. Bitcoin is just getting started. Research showing who is buying the mining riggs and there are large lead times.  Institutions gobbling up inventory.  Keep your finger on the supply chain.
  6. You Don’t Have to be an Expert to Trade Crypto. It’s charts.  You need heavy conviction in the idea. Growing trend in digitalization
  7.  Bitcoin and Ethereum are setting the indexes.  Vast majority is Bitcoin, but Ethereum is still a player.
  8. Crypto is a Bullish Long-term Position.  We are entering a Perfect Storm: Traditional money managers, infrastructure rollout driven by institutions.  ROI to mine these over 18 months.  You need to have Long-term conviction in asset class.  If not would trade the asset.  Keep in mind that Crypto is cyclical and Mining is an energy arbitrage.
  9. Options for Buying Crypto: 
    1. You can open up a coin base or Robin Hood account.
    2. Sam prefers to buy the actual coin via Gemini and store it in a secure cold storage.  Secure the asset, in the event they outlaw self-custody, like gold.
  10. When Do You Know if you’re ready to Trade Crypto?
    1. If you want to trade crypto, have a level of familiarity and conviction in the idea
    2. Min Recommends 5% into crypto
    3. Keep a Diversified Portfolio
    4. Don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.
    5. Measure Bitcoin Market Dominance. coinmarketcap.com

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