Three point Thursday

A list of trading ‘lightbulb-moments’. ???

Every Thursday you get 3 of these:

Market Health Updates

Is the market heading up, down, or sideways? I’ll explain exactly what I’m seeing with you.


Summary Of What I'm Learning Right Now

We are students first! As I learn new things that I think will be useful to you, I’ll share them with you right here!


Open Trades

My portfolio is an open book. I’ll share with you what trades I’m in right now. Why I’m in them. And how I’m managing them.

Our Latest & Greatest Videos!

We post daily content to YouTube via the ‘Ask A Trader’ show and the ‘Trader’s Mindchat Show’. We’ll share the most popular here.

Invites To Special Events

We’ve interviewed world class traders like Mark Minervini LIVE. Have been a guest lecturer on Trend Spider and Tier One Trading. This is YOUR ticket in!

New Trading Tools I'm Using

Tools aren’t everything but the right ones sure can help! Once I’ve tested something and finnd it useful, I like to share it. 


Popular Blog Posts

Our content has been called some of the best you’ll find anywhere. We post frequently. The most popular land in Three Point Thursday.


This is one example of a trade I took that I shared with Three Point Thursday subscribers.


Summary Of What I’m Learning Right Now

I’m an avid reader. These are some highlights I picked up from Brendon Burchard’s book “High Performance Habits.”


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