Top Ten Trading Highlights from Market Expert Adam Sarhan

Watch the Full Trader’s Mindchat Show interview with Adam Sarhan here!


We recently had the pleasure of interviewing market expert Adam Sarhan on our Trader’s Mindchat Show.

Adam is the Founder/CEO of FindLeadingStocks.com, (use code ‘mara’ to get 10% off), 50 Park Investments and is the Co-Founder of GrowthStockMentor.com.  He is a Forbes contributor and also the host of the SmartMoneyCircle.com Podcast where he interviews large money managers (all over $100M AUM) and CEOs for timeless investing advice.  Mike and Adam also worked together for many years on ChartYourTrade.com and he is a good friend and we were so happy to have Adam on our show to share his strategy on how to find Big Leading Stocks!


Here are the Top Ten Highlights from our interview with Adam Sarhan:

  1. Learn from your mistakes
  2. There are an infinite number of ways to make money in the stock market. Anybody can play. Anybody can compete.  Anybody can win!   You have to find the right way for you.
  3. Winning Formula = Fundamental analysis + technical analysis + psychological analysis
  4. Bring Your A-Game! Show Up!
  5. Secret sauce of finding leading stocks is to find the big growth stocks (filter out the noise and focus on the strongest stocks in the market by eliminating the junk). Just like in sports, focus on the top teams in the division.
  6. Subconscious mind is Goofy Disney character. Make sure it’s simple enough for Goofy to even understand.
  7. Making money is simple. Cash flow in and cash flow out. Simple, yet for many it’s difficult to implement.
  8. If ‘Person A’ has a map and ‘Person B’ has passion yet no plan, who do you think will get to their destination first?
  9. AMPD is Adam’s strategy to Find Leading Stocks, and is an acronym that stands for :
    • Advanced Early Entry Points
    • Market Conditions
    • Pscyhological Analysis (make rational not emotional decisions)
    • Defense First.
  10. You need someone to help you see your blind spots. Put up guardrails to prevent you from getting distracted.


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