Top Ten Trading Highlights with FOREX Power Couple Austin Silver & Rylee Bogden

Austin Silver founded ASFX in the middle of 2019 with his girlfriend Rylee Bogden. Their Forex Trading Education Service aims to equip those who are yet to learn to trade with the tools to become self-sufficient day traders. Combining Austin’s trading knowledge and Rylee’s expertise in marketing and advertising, ASFX has quickly become one of the fastest growing Forex education companies around.

Watch the Full Trader’s Mindchat Show Interview with Austin Silver & Rylee Bogden Here:

ASFX has become one of the most sought-after Forex education companies in the business, helping over 1000 traders succeed and take back control over their financial future. https://asfx.biz/

Mike and I were so happy to be joined by this FOREX power couple on The Trader’s Mindchat Show.


Here are Top Ten Trading Highlights from the FOREX Power Couple Austin Silver & Rylee Bogden

  1. Delegate Tasks That Don’t Bring You Joy.   If there is a task you are doing and you don’t feel passionate about the task, get it done but figure out to automate or delegate it away. This will allow you to focus on what brings you more joy.
  2. Habit Stacking is Essential to Prevent Burnout:  This principle of Habit Stacking, from the book Atomic Habits by James Clear, discusses that rather than pairing your new habit with a particular time and location, you pair it with a current habit.  Also If there is something that frustrates you, don’t pair it next to another tough task.  Break it up to help you stay balanced.
  3. Follow the Frequency of Joy.  This will help prevent burnout!  Also, find things outside of trading that you are passionate about.
  4. Be Selective With Your Trading. Trade Less (best trades), Trade them Better, and Trade them Bigger.
  5. Time for Money:  Austin understood early on “Time for Money” principle from DJ’ing where made more on a weekend than his friends did working 9-5, 5 days a week.
  6. Mindset is Key.  In ASFX they conduct mindset coaching to help traders become aware of their emotions, build more confidence and tackle the ego.
  7. Get Educated Before You Ask Questions.  Austin and Rylee’s members need to complete the course before joining their Discord group to show that they are willing to make the commitment.
  8. Have a Strong Why! Figure out what your strengths are. It’s not about focusing on your weakness.
  9. Follow what makes your inner flame grow!  There’s more to trading than just wanting to make money.  You need to reach inward to figure out why you are trading and what lights the fire within yourself to keep going down this path and be on this journey.
  10. Yoga is like Trading. It takes time to see progression but with practice you will keep getting better.  It’s about loving and accepting where you are right now.


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