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A Game Plan Designed for Swing Traders.

Get a Full Trading Game Plan including Entries, Exits, Position Sizing, and Trade Management delivered to you Daily. Plus so much more!

Meet Mike Lamothe

Mike Lamothe is a former Investor’s Business Daily Meetup Leader who started trading part-time back in the late 90s. The efficiencies he developed trading part-time were adopted by portfolio managers and fellow part-timers alike. This allowed Mike to quit the 9-5 to trade, coach, and teach. Mike is sharing his strategies, analysis, and updates in the Weekly Game Plan.

Ready. Set. Go.

Trusted Research, Analysis, and Trading Plans updated Daily and Simple to Follow.

Market Conditions:
Green, Yellow, or Red

Trade Grades:
A, B, or C

Entries, Exits, Position Sizes,
Trade Management, & Rationale

Weekly Videos To Help You Learn & Grow Faster

Market Conditions (Our ‘Traffic Signals’)

The market gives us a traffic system. Green, Yellow, and Red. Favorable conditions, Trades making progress, it’s a Green Condition! Step on the gas! If trades are stalling out, it’s a yellow or red condition. Time to scale down or sit out. Bet larger when things are working, smaller when they’re not.

Trade Grades (Focus on Quality)

Some trades are better than others. We want the HIGHEST QUALITY trades available. Go for the ‘A’ level trades. If there are many, it is also telling about Market Conditions. Same thing when there are only a handful of ‘C’ level trades. Only buy when the shelves are stocked with high-quality trades!

The FULL Game Plan

Full game plans are shared every weekend, updated daily, and sent to you in advance. Know ahead of time which trades are setting up, which ones Mike plans to take, and how he’s managing existing trades. All trades are recorded and archived. You have access to post analysis of every trade.

Weekly Videos

Gain a deeper understanding of insights, thought processes, and rationale for how markets and trades are being interpreted and why. Knowledge is power and we want you to be as powerful a trader as you can.

Weekly Game Plan

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