Why Focusing on Health is a Trading Game Changer!

I talk about mindset as a key ingredient to taking your trading to the next level. However, mindset is just one key ingredient to trading success.  I would never have grown MARA Wealth to be one of the top mindset trading services in the US without taking measures to improve my own health and wellness.

You may have read some recent blog posts lately written by Beth Marconi, Certified Health Nutritionist. We are so proud to have Beth as part of the MARA team. Beth’s focus is creating the right “environment” for trading. This ranges from our physical health to our physical environment.

I had the pleasure of working with Beth a few years back when I wanted to get a better handle on my health and productivity levels.  Back in 2016, Beth Marconi played a major role in helping me do a complete 180 with my mental and physical health.

Here’s Why Focusing on Health was a Trading Game Changer!

Toward the end of 2015, things began to spiral out of control for me. I had a full-time job outside of the markets, a rapidly growing business idea in MARA Wealth. Building that business had become a 2nd full-time job and I was having a hard time balancing my own personal trading, a new baby girl who is indescribably wonderful, and trying to maintain things at home and with family.  I felt as though I was being pulled in a million directions! My wants and needs were misaligned and my priorities were out of whack.

I was frequently stressed, and in the worst shape of my life.  I developed a combination of skin problems and to top it off, I had a general lack of energy and was starting to get depressed.

It’s tough to focus on “life” when you’re sick, depressed, sluggish, and generally out of sorts.

Something had to change and change quickly because I was headed down a dangerous path.


In Steps Beth to Save the Day

Serendipitously, Beth Marconi reached out to me with a new business she was creating.  The idea of her program is that in order to live our best lifestyle and achieve peak performance, all aspects of your life need to be in harmony.

Beth’s program helped flesh out the root causes of many of the problems I was facing and figure out how to tackle them one at a time.  Aside from improvements in diet and exercise, one of my main problems was having the metaphorical plate being way too full. To truly transform my well-being, it takes more than just diet and exercise.  I needed to get my head straight.


What Key Obstacles are you Facing?

Beth’s program not only helped me stay on track with my diet and exercise program, but also helped sort through my daily routines, overcome obstacles, create efficiencies, organize, prioritize, and get things done.  I gained insight into the obstacles I was facing and was given solutions on how to overcome them.  I’m grateful to have worked with her and it came at the perfect time.

Beth custom tailors her programs and worked with me for 6 straight weeks.  When the program was complete I was given a personalized roadmap stay on the road of success.


Health & Wellness is the Secret Weapon

I know from personal experience that health status and overall environment plays a big role in staying profitable as a trader!  I believe health and wellness is instrumental to taking your trading to the next level.  After working with a health coach and seeing such great results, I have made this part of my Ultimate and Olympian Coaching Packages!  MARA is now offering a FREE 1/2 hour call with Beth if you sign up today for MARA’s Ultimate or Olympian Coaching Packages (this introductory call is valued at $200). These 30 minutes with Beth will help determine if you too can up your “A game” by improving your trading environment and health.  Click here to find out more on our MARA Coaching Page:


You can also reach out to Beth directly by visiting her personal website, http://eamarconi.com, or via email: beth@marawealth.net

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